Filming in Croatia? Find the production house

Sometimes, one of the most difficult parts of filming in Croatia is finding the right production house and crew to handle everything from production design to transportation to set management. There are hundreds of production houses all over the country, so how do you choose the best one? The following article can help you make that choice, whether it’s your first time filming in Croatia or your thirtieth!

How Do I Find Production Houses In Croatia?

If you’re interested in filming your own movie, you might be asking yourself: how do I find a production house in Croatia? The good news is that locating a production company doesn’t have to be hard work. Many studios and production houses are easy to find online, which means you can simply browse an online directory to see what’s available.

Of course, these directories typically only list large companies. But there are smaller film production companies in Croatia—sometimes referred to as boutique studios—that specialize in small-scale projects for clients who want high-quality content without paying exorbitant prices. These boutique production houses may not be listed on major directories, but they still exist and produce high-quality content just like any other studio or company would. You just need to know where to look!

7 Things to Know Before You Start Looking for Film Crews

In addition to finding a production company, you’ll also need to look for film crews that can help out with different aspects of filming. In reality, you’ll likely have access to more crews than you actually need and will only be able to pick and choose which ones you want to work with. Still, it never hurts to know as much as possible about what they do before putting them into play on your project. Here are seven things you should definitely consider when looking for film crews:
Post-Production: An often-overlooked aspect of filmmaking is post-production (also known as editing). The process involves piecing together all the footage and audio recorded during production; then comes storyboarding, video enhancement, color correction, special effects, music editing and mixing—the list goes on.

Croatia Is All About Location, Location, Location

The right location is key to any production. Whether you’re shooting a commercial, making a music video or creating a feature film, it doesn’t matter if your actors and crew are world-class. Without great scenery and locations, your movie will be mediocre at best. Fortunately for Hollywood and other filmmakers around the globe, Croatia is loaded with incredible locations that can stand in for almost any setting imaginable.

Not only does Croatia have diverse landscapes that are perfect for movies of all genres, but it also has experienced crews who know how to make productions run smoothly from start to finish. From stunning medieval cities to glamorous beach resorts, there are so many options when choosing where to film your next project—it’s just a matter of knowing where and how to find what you need.

What Will My Costs Be for Shooting In Croatia?

It’s no secret that filming outside of Los Angeles and New York City is more affordable. But just how much can you save when setting up your movie production in a country like Croatia as opposed to an American city like Chicago or Miami? As with most things, it depends on what services you need and how long you need them for. Here are some of the major areas where money can be saved when shooting outside of North America.

Have Some Money Saving Tips for Filming in Croatia?: Whether you need equipment rental or location scouting, we’re here to help—just leave us a comment! And if you have any other questions about filming in Croatia (or anywhere else), let us know! We welcome comments, questions and suggestions; we love hearing from our readers.

Where Can I Shoot In Croatia For Free?

If you’re looking to shoot a film or commercial production in Croatia, you might be thinking that everything costs money. Surprisingly, shooting in Croatia is relatively cheap and there are many resources available if you know where to look. For those with no budget, many cities have their own free film commissions which will provide locations, permit support and sometimes free labor for production crews looking to find affordable locales for filming. This list contains places known to host productions on location and also points production houses towards helpful contacts across numerous Croatian cities. And while we can’t guarantee things will be free, it won’t hurt to try!

Do I Need A Permit To Film In Croatia?

Filming with a camera is legally defined as artistic work. As such, it requires you to get a permit from Croatian Ministry of Culture and Information (MZOS) before you start filming. It doesn’t matter if you intend to shoot only one scene or your entire movie – every film project has to go through MZOS for review and approval. This applies both to foreign projects and local productions by independent Croatian filmmakers.

With its scenic coastline, crystal clear water and affordable filming costs, Croatia offers everything Hollywood producers might be looking for when scouting locations abroad. If you’re just planning on shooting a few scenes in Zagreb or Rijeka and you don’t have any film permits yet – please note that filming without permission is punishable by law according to Croatian legislation. Using drones while flying over public places also counts as filming without permission!

Useful Resources For Filmmakers – Where To Go For More Information On Shooting In Croatia

Before you take off for a film project in your shiny new location-independent life, make sure you have some of these links at hand to help guide your way. From filming permits to cost of living and job opportunities, we’ve got everything you need to know about making it big on a small budget! The film commissioner is an official representative from each city or region who can advise and answer questions about filming locations and logistics.

They also serve as an excellent networking resource. Each Film Commission is responsible for setting up shooting permits if necessary; permit fees often range from $250 – $1,000 per day depending on the size of cast and crew.